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The Makeup Competition

where your beauty beats

16th July – Closing date for Audition Video 

24th July - First Assessment

40 shortlisted contestants showcase their skills*

2nd & 3rd August – Makeup Masterclass Workshop for top 20 contestants

23rd August – Final Assessment*


25th August –

Prize presentation

1. Make a video showing us your passion for makeup and why you should be selected for the competition

  • Instagram - Grey Circle


2. Post your video on Instagram by 16th July with the hashtag #SEPHORAxITE

(All Instagram accounts must be set to public)


Be creative!

Be yourself!

3. Successful applicants will be notified via Instagram messaging

Inspiring Previous Sephora Videos

Inspiring Previous Sephora Videos

Inspiring Previous Sephora Videos
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Vid 1

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Vid 3

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Show us your PASSION! Showcase your talent...

Fulfil your makeup artistry dreams!




• Full-Time employment as Beauty Advisor with Sephora Artistry Team

• S$3,000 sign-on bonus

• S$500 bursary award 

• S$200 Sephora product voucher

*Terms and conditions apply 




Stages of competition:

 Submission of Audition Video 

  • Video showcasing makeup skills and passion for makeup



  • Selected contestants will be notified

  • Briefing and guidance on the First Assessment will be given

 First Assessment 

  • No specific themes given; show us the style you’re comfortable at! 

(day, night, glam, etc.)

  • Evaluated on makeup skills (color coordination, makeup application etc.)

  • Contestants are expected to bring their own models and 

all makeup necessities


 Makeup Masterclass 

  • Makeup training for contestants       


 Final Assessment 

  • Evaluation of makeup skills based on a given theme/style



*Models must be available on these key dates


Only open to final year ITE College Central students.

This competition is a platform for students to experiment and discover their interest in makeup. Do not hesitate to sign up, this is a great opportunity to learn!




Qns: Who is eligible to take part in this competition?

Ans: Only Final Year students from ITE College Central are eligible to apply.


Qns: Is this makeup competition only for females?

Ans: Definitely not! This makeup competition is open to everyone who has a passion for makeup and artistry.


Qns: Do I have to bring my own makeup accessories and tools? 

Ans: Yes, you are required to bring your own makeup kits.  


Qns: Will I have to find / bring my own model?

Ans: Yes! You will need to ensure your model will be able to support you on both 24th July AND 23rd August.


Qns: What if my model can only make it on one of the days?

Ans: You are allowed to bring a different model for each day.


Qns: I can’t make it for a certain date. Would there be a replacement date I can attend?

Ans: Sorry, since it will be live assessment sessions, there will be no replacement dates for any sessions missed.


Qns: I don’t have any prior makeup experience, should I still join this competition?

Ans: Yes, Sephora believes in providing everyone a fun place to learn and the freedom to experience. There’s nothing to lose, so just submit your video application by 16th July on Instagram with the hashtag #SEPHORAxITE


If you have any further enquiries, please contact us at


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